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2020 Model Carage Lab New product

Knowing that driver need a 3rd eye on the road. Carage Lab have innovated a inhouse camera system to monitor both front and rear view while driving as well as recording while on parking mode

Carage Lab X7 Dash Cam Specification

  • Sony Lens with clear reading up to 4k recording

  • Flexible len adjustment

  • Wifi apps for viewing via iPhone or Android phone or Tablet

  • GPS system with location coordinate

  • GPS date and time

  • Gsensor recording during accident (Image will be locked)

  • Lane Departure reminder

  • Support up to 128G SDCARD Speed 10 recording

  • Built  super capacitor 

  • We provide professional installation

  • Technical guidance via message or whatsapp

  • Instruction manual

  • 1 year warranty

  • Wifi app support both for IOS and Android to view life video

  • Real time viewing via the dash cam 2 inch LCD

  • Support parking recording without installing a second battery pack. Auto cut off by camera. Parking recording can be selected from 24 to 72 hours

T8 4K Dash Cam

Wifi APP Connectivity Setting for Android and IOS

For Android Users:

  • Before connecting any Android device to the dashcam, make sure to turn off the “Smart Network Switch” option in the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone. X7/ X11/ T8 camera acts as a Wi-Fi server for your phone or tablet, but it does not provide a connection to the Internet, so the “Smart Network Switch” function might cause it to disconnect from the Caragelab Dash Camera Model.

  • In some android devices with Android OS 6.0 onward, turning on the location in the application permissions might solve the connectivity issue  (go to Settings -> Apps (or Applications) -> Application manager -> MK Smart Cam/ Roadcam Ap-> Permissions -> Location, choose “Allow”)

For iPhone Users:

  • Before connecting your iPhone to the dashcam, make sure that the “Wi-Fi Assist” option is turned off (Go to Settings > Cellular or Setting > Mobile data. Then scroll down all the way and tap the slider to turn off Wi-Fi Assist).

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